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  • Who We Are

    International Culture and Ability Association, Specified Nonprofit Corporation

    Recently, in the international community, the people, things and economic exchanges are becoming active across borders and nations. Even in Asia, where we live, business of exchange between countries, regions and territories and person to person have been actively promoted.

    Currently, many foreign people from more than 150 countries have settled in Japan. The contribution of mutual understanding and cultural exchange business between foreigners and us, Japanese is expected to create open society to live together.

    Recognizing this opportunity, I believe that we need a place to learn the way of contribution to the local community while performing mutual exchange and mutual assistance for various foreign citizens and foreign students, trainees living in Japan.

    And we believe we should expand exchange programs that will build a mutual trust relationship with the local residents as well.

    We ICAA (International Cultural Support Association), plan to promote a healthy body and mind, and also aim to create an area full of vitality and health by providing the opportunities to exchange many things among sports, culture, music lovers and more people.

    Work with Us

    We are looking for people who want to volunteer for activities of ICAA, such as English school and study abroad supporting business.
    Please contact us at any time if you want to support us through the activities while working with members.

  • The gist of ICAA

    My name is Ikutaro Unno, and I am the President of the International Cultural Assistance Association.

    I have traveled the world and met many people since 2005. I learned many things from them and noticed local problems and abiding habits at the same time. And I stared to think there might be something I can do for them. That is why I established ICAA.


    In developing Southeast Asian countries, I felt the local culture through the skin by living in the same way as the local people, like drinking the well water. I used to go to orphanages in the suburbs or temples on a bicycle, meet people, take pictures of people and give them photos the next meeting.
    Now I photograph children in Japan and leave the growth of them with photos. And, unfortunately, I am too busy with everyday life to care for the developing countries.


    In so far as there is a smile, I am still taking photos and giving them others, I believe the connection from one picture leads to make happiness.


    I met a high school teacher on the road. One day, he invited me to the school for Japanese class in his country. I found the gap between school education and reality, and what I should do for the future through this experience.

    The only difference is the country of birth and living environment, there is no below or above among people.

    We will develop our activities along with many supporters and volunteers until children around the world can be educated in peace, so that they can have the pride and hope in their own countries and they eventually can open the way for achieving their own dreams.

    Please give us your interest and support.

  • Team building activities

    Our organization works with a wide variety

    Language exchange

    In going deepen mutual understanding, culture is a common language, also important as topic. The most familiar culture in living: food, clothing and shelter. The idea of sharing such a familiar culture is the first step to eliminate the language barrier.

    We want to take the first step.

    IT support

    We are working on production associated with in the collection and transmission of your home and abroad information, and also planning the development of human resources that can respond to the information-oriented promotion and internationalization

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